Tuesday, March 01, 2005

Three quick Oscar notes

I've seen these same questions/comments made over and over again, so I thought I would address them real quick while I was thinking about it.

* Melanie Griffith shouldn't have worn a dress with a back like that. Okay, granted, the woman is no longer ravishing (if you ever thought she was in the first place). And no, it really wasn't the best dress for her. But for everyone freaking out about the back of it, it has flesh-tone fabric covering her entire back up to her neck, so there was no risk of her showing anything she shouldn't have. Hilary Swank, OTOH, was completely backless. However, with a body (including lats) like that, she could totally pull it off. But here's my confusion: does anyone know why Melanie had a cane with her?
* Why did Johnny Depp have his facial hair done like that? It looked terrible. Well, with Mr. Depp, you never know. He has had a propensity for wearing various styles of facial hair in recent years, no matter what the occasion. *However,* Oscar night 2005 specifically, he was in Jack Sparrow mode (excuse me, Captain Jack Sparrow mode). I believe principle filming is to begin this week on the Pirates sequel. *Yay!*
* What the heck was Prince doing presenting an Oscar?! Very simple: he's an Academy Award winner. That's right! Apparently, in 1985, there was a category called "Best Original Song Score." Note, I did not say Best Original Song, or Best Original Score. Those were also categories that year. It was best overall score composed of original songs written specifically for the film. And yes, hard as it may be to imagine (and I can't speak to it, as I've never seen the film), Prince won for his song score to Purple Rain. So for everyone who was rude about him being on stage (though he should have learned how to pronounce the Spanish!), he was an Oscar winner, like it or not.

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