Sunday, September 25, 2005

16 months ago....

DH and I were wandering around the mall. We had had an eventful day. We had just had our ultrasound appointment and discovered the gender of our child to be. Naturally, going to the mall necessitated a stop at the Disney Store. And while we were there, we bought something for our son. Now, we had bought a few baby things so far, but this is the first thing we bought that I felt like was for this specific child, if that makes any sense.

It was the cutest little two-piece outfit. The top was white with baseballs, bats, gloves, big red Ms, and the word "Mickey" printed all over it. The overalls were light blue, with "Mickey" embroidered across the front and a Mickey Mouse stretching out to catch a ball on the pocket. Came with a little hat, too, though I cannot place my hands on it at the moment. However, the only size they had was 18-24 months. Oh well, we'll buy it anyway and just hold on to it. He'll be able to wear it for the start of the 2006 baseball season.

Ha. Guess what he wore this weekend. Most of his 18M clothes are getting too small, and we don't really want to buy any more summer clothes for him, since it "should" start getting cooler soon. But he needed something to wear that he would look decent in. So I took a peek in his closet, and what do I spot but the Mickey outfit. Glad we found it; it currently fits. It will be way too small by spring. I so distinctly remember the moment when I bought it, and how I felt when I did so. It feels really strange to see him in it now. Oh, how much things have changed since then.

So here he is, in the first outfit we ever bought him (in the midst of walking towards the camera):

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  1. That's a really cute outfit and so is the model. :)

  2. Awww, what a cutie! He looks like he's pretty tall!


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