Thursday, September 15, 2005

Talk about spyware!

I was just reading an article about how there is an algorithm that can take an audio recording of you typing something and figure out up to 96% of what you typed. Part of me thinks that it's just impossible, but the other part of me isn't really surprised that there is some kind of connection that can be made. Listening consciously to the sounds I'm making right now as I type this, there are definitely differences in the type and tone of sound produced when I hit different keys. On one hand, I think it is amazing science that this can be done. OTOH, that's just a wee bit creepy, first that it can be done at all, and secondly that someone figured out that it could be done and then went and did it! What kind of paranoid (or devious) lives to these people lead? Guess it's a good thing they're on our side (or are they?).

Sorry, I know this isn't an incredibly interesting post. The science geek in me just thought it was rather cool.

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