Sunday, October 29, 2006

Adding injury to insult

What happened to that relaxing weekend I was supposed to be having? Seems to have been just one thing after another. Today (Sunday) is going well, but yesterday was not our best day.

First off, Luke woke up at 6 AM, coughing. His cough is getting worse, so that probably means a visit to the doctor on Monday. Joy. And with him coughing, no one was getting any sleep. DH, wonderful man that he is, got up with Luke so that I could sleep. So I did get extra sleep. But when I woke up, I felt like I'd been run over by a bus. We've always called it "sleeping hard" in my family, and I hate it when that happens. It takes me forever to get going, and I almost inevidably have a headache. Had a doozy yesterday when I woke up.

Luke has seemed pretty hungry lately. Not sure if that is because he isn't eating much at school, or because he is going through another growth spurt (yeah, just what we need). Let's take him somewhere that he can eat his fill: Ryan's! For those not familiar with this chain, it is a buffet restaurant, and on the weekends, they serve fried shrimp. Luke can eat more shrimp that DH can, and he eats at Ryan's for free (with paying adult) because he is under three. It's the best deal around. So we get there, only to find out they've changed their policy. Shrimp is only available Friday and Saturday *evenings*, and Sunday all day. The problem there is that he doesn't really each much else at Ryan's, so that was a big bust. (We did get him to eat mashed potatoes, though, so that's good.) Fine, no problem. We'll just go to Captain D's for dinner. They're running a shrimp basket deal where we can get lots of shrimp for him for not a lot of money.

We come home, we nap, but not for very long due to more coughing, which leads to much fussing. We know he's hungry, so he gets two snacks, trying to keep him satisfied until dinner. Normally, we would have just fed him early, but with the time change, we didn't want to get him on a cycle of eating earlier when we really needed to push it back an hour if possible. Finally, it's about 4:15, and we've had about all we can take. Like my brother when he was young, the hungrier Luke gets, the more unreasonable he gets, and he was *beyond* unreasonable by this point. There was no way we were taking him out to eat in that mood, so DH decided to take him in the car, pick it up, and bring it back. Luke was so upset, he didn't really want to get in the car. They almost decided to not even go, but DH finally convinced him to get in the car.

Less than 3 minutes after leaving the house, they were in an accident. Everyone is fine. It wasn't even that bad (pictures below). DH was the *second* car through the intersection after the light turned green, and this woman ran the red light in her direction. His front right corner and her driver's side door connected. Basically, it broke the front right blinker on my car and did a little bit of body damage. Something seems to be leaking from the front of the car, but we have no idea what. To complicate matters, she is from out of state, and she was driving her daughter's car. I immediately left the house, without really knowing where they were, figuring DH could use some help managing Luke while they were waiting for the police to finish their business. I knew where they were headed, and I knew they hadn't been gone long, so I figured I'd find them, and I did.

The cop arrived not long after I did. I sat in the car and tried to entertain Luke (not hard when you let him romp around the front seats of the car, where he is not normally allowed to be) while they talked outside. She did admit to the cop that she ran the light, so I'm hoping that will help us. Naturally, we can't talk to our agent until Monday, so we're not really sure what to do right now. We'll call Monday and find out. I know we can't get the police report until like Friday or something (and you have to go in person and pay a fee, of course). Still, it could have been much worse. No one was hurt, the car is still driveable (though we won't drive it much with that leak). Not bad for our first wreck since we've lived in Atlanta. DH is more upset about the hastle that is to come than the wreck itself.

By the time we were free to go, it was about 5:20. We decided it wasn't worth trying to get food now, so we just went back home. I doped them both up with ibuprofin, fed them dinner, and prepped Luke for bed. We were just about to start watching Good Eats (our pre-bedtime ritual; he gets to watch to the first commercial break), when he decided to run some laps through the kitchen (pretty normal). As he was running, he slipped and banged his mouth on the windowsill, busting his lip open. Lots of crying, a good amount of blood, etc. So after all that, including the wreck, he managed to get injured in our own kitchen five minutes before bed. Nice.
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  1. Yikes Erin! Hope the rest of your weekend was stressfree! Glad to hear no one was hurt in the accident.

  2. Oh Wow. What a weekend. I'm glad no one was hurt in the accident. But what a hassle! Hope it all gets sorted out quickly.
    Poor Luke. Hope he's feeling better.

  3. Ack. Hope everyone is feeling a little better today and the rest of the week goes better than it started.


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