Thursday, October 26, 2006

Christmas-time is here

No, seriously, it is. There were trees and garland up at most of the stores I went in today at the mall, they're already working on the center mall display for the holidays, and I bought my first gifts for the year.

Ahem, I'm sorry, I should say that proudly, shouldn't I? I bought my first gifts for this year. I didn't mean to! It just sorta happened. These things jumped up and down in front of me and said "you have to buy me right now!!" Got one of my bestest buds already done, and I got some stocking-stuffers for Luke. And I bought this year's Christmas cards. I usually buy after the season when everything is on sale, and I did do my BB card that way, but I could not for the life of me find good cards for my personal folks! This year, I found two that I liked, and one store was having 50% off through the end of the weekend on all boxed cards, so I've actually already bought this year's and next year's personal cards. They had some I liked for BB cards, but I'll wait until after I see this year's list to see how many I think I'll need.

I'm usually the first person to complain that it isn't even Halloween yet and all the Christmas stuff is up, but I'm actually pretty happy that I have some gifts already purchased now, since it has been stressing me a bit lately. Just don't make me sing "Jingle Bells" yet. I'll stick with "Zombee Jamboree" for another week or so, thanks!

And no, I haven't forgotten a Canada update. That will just take more time than I have right now. It is my goal to get it done over the weekend. Hang in there!

Currently feeling: spirited (for both holidays)

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