Tuesday, October 03, 2006

Two sick men

We all know how men are when they're sick. One is bad enough, but two? Sheesh! I think the older one will be going to work tomorrow. We'll see. Seems that he has the same thing Luke had and that I am finally mostly over (no bronchitis, yay me!). The smaller one has been running a fever of over 101 for two days now (though it goes up and down during the day) with something new! Fun. I see another call to the pediatrician in my morning future. I also see another day of not getting any work done.

And I'm afraid we may have to cancel the birthday party, at least for the local folks (especially since they include two young girls). Not sure I could stop the out of town folks coming, though. We'll see how he's feeling tomorrow before I decide what to do. I just hope I'm not the one running the 101 temp come Saturday.
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  1. Oh no, Erin :( I'm sorry this is happening. And what bad timing!!
    Hope you don't have to cancel your plans, but I can see why you want to.
    Sending good health vibes towards your household.


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