Tuesday, October 10, 2006

Official Two Year Old Stats

Luke had his two year well visit today. Once again, he is literally off the chart in height, even more than last time. Using an online calculator, all it can say about his height is "above 97 percentile," followed by this remark: "According to the most recent federal guidelines, the height range appropriate for this age group is 31.9 - 37.1 inches." So once again, he is federally inappropriate in his height. Here are his stats:
* Height: 38 inches (off the chart; that is average height for a 38 month old!!)
* Weight: 31.5 lbs (85th percentile)
* Head Circ: 19.1 inches (45th percentile)

Per those numbers, he has actually gained a pound since Thursday. But when you consider that by Thursday, he was on day 5 or 6 of barely eating due to being so sick, and how much food he's been snarfing down the last two days to compensate, I guess that isn't surprising. He usually eats Eggo Frozen Mini-Waffles for breakfast, which come with four mini-waffles to a sheet to pop in the toaster. It is normal for him to eat 1.5 sheets or so (six mini-waffles). Today, with the exception of half of a single mini-waffle, he ate 3 entire sheets and drank 1.5 glasses of juice. Starving baby!

She said his ear is looking much better. There is a little fluid left in there, but not much, and all of the fluid is clear. She says it should clear up just fine as long as we complete the antibiotics as prescribed. Unless he starts showing symptoms again, there is no reason to bring him back.

And as I suspected, she is sending him for evaluation for speech. And as my mother suspected, she said that she thinks he is fine, but it is worth having a specialist check him out just to be sure. They will not even do a speech evaluation without an auditory (hearing) evaluation, so I have to call today to book that (probably 2-4 weeks out for an appointment). Once those results come back, assuming they are fine (and I'd be shocked if they were not), then he will be sent on for speech evaluation. And it is entirely possible that, by then, he will already be talking more just from being at daycare and stuff. Just this week, he has started *saying* yes and no, instead of nodding and shaking his head, so we are continuing to make progress. I'm sure he's fine, he just doesn't have much to say yet!

So, all in all, a good report. Now if I can just find pants for him that are long enough without being so big around that they fall off!
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  1. Yay, Luke, on the stats and the Ear! Hope the hearing and speech evals come out fine.


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