Monday, June 09, 2008

Shoe Modeling

This post has two separate but related parts. First off, my husband had me in stitches the other night. Luke, like most children his age, has conceived of every *possible* stall tactic when getting ready for bed. His current favorite is taking forever to change from daytime clothing into pajamas. A couple of nights ago, Luke was once again going painfully slow, removing first one arm, then the other, from his shirt, and in true boy fashion, swinging it around over his head (something he has been told *repeatedly* not to do, I might add). All of this, of course, had been done to DH's constant refrain of "Luke, come on, get your clothes off and your pajamas on. Luke, hurry up, you're taking too long. Luke, if you don't hurry up and get changed, we won't have time to watch Superdog before bed." He finally starts on his shorts, and again, he is inching them off as slow as is humanly possible, totally exasperating my husband (it had been a long day). Said husband then mutters, "it's not like we're all standing around with dollar bills, let's go!"


It took it a moment to sink in, and even then, I couldn't believe that he'd said it. I nearly fell of the sofa laughing! That is *so* not something my husband would usually say, at all, to anyone. I am just dying laughing. So of course DH starts laughing, which makes Luke think he's being cute and funny. I continued to chuckle as Luke finished changing, which prompted DH to do some more muttering: "I bet I just made a blog entry." Yep, ya did, hon. Tee-hee-hee.

But it also reminded me of something he told me several weeks ago that has made me laugh every time the topic has come up on television. He listens to a couple of guys on a local sports-talk radio station, and being guys, apparently the topic of, ahem, "gentlemen's clubs" comes up on occasion. So how do you delicately refer to these girls and their profession on the air without being fined? You call it something else: shoe modeling. I don't know why that struck me funny, but it really did, and every time it has since come up on television (we watch a lot of cop shows (I originally typed shoes instead of shows; was that Freudian?)), I've just had to smile and laugh. I still think it's pretty clever. Maybe I'm just easily amused.

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  1. very cute! reminds me how DH likes to say our job as parents is to "keep them off the pole!" or I guess "stage" may be more appropriate in this case :-)


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