Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Vanishing tomatoes

To-MAY-toe, to-MAH-toe. Whatever you want to call them, they are no where to be found in this city. I don't remember having any trouble on Saturday. We ate at Artuzzi's, and they make their sauce fresh, I'm pretty sure. We had spaghetti and pizza with no trouble. Then came Sunday. We ate at Longhorn, and DH was denied his favorite cup of chili because they had no tomatoes, "due to the tomato recall." I'm sorry, the what? That was the first I heard of it. When we got dinner at Taco Bell, they had signs up everywhere saying "NO Tomatoes," and the cashier restated that and asked if that was okay before she would take our order. Signs were up in front of almost every fast food restaurant in town yesterday. It doesn't affect me much, for now. I don't care for raw tomatoes anyway. I don't want them on my burger, I don't want them in my salad, I don't even like salsa. But if it means that we can't get pizza going forward, I just might have to cry!

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  1. The Tomato thing has been going on for a while and I only caught it because I have a news feed from the Houston Chronicle (there is no local news).

    And quite honestly, I find it much more alarming that your hubby couldn't have his chili. With Tomato? Chili doesn't have tomato in it!!! Sayeth the mocking Texan :)

  2. It's not going to mean the end of pizza as you know it.

    It *may* mean slightly more expensive tomatoes (for all of us) because demand on the types that are from states that are not affected could increase if decisions are made to move the tomato supply around.

    It's a temporary thing, just like the spinach thing was a couple of years ago. You'll just have to get through the current situation. And I know it's hard - my favorite pizza is ham, spinach and fresh tomato, so I'm right there with you.

  3. I think I'm going to ration my existing supply of tomatoes. No more cut tomato with lemon juice & salt for me. Hrmph.
    Here they're saying grape, cherry, and tomatoes on the vine are ok.

  4. There's a tomato salmonella scare going on and several restaurants - including Mickey D's! - have taken tomatoes off their menu items as a result. I had no idea there was more going on than just that.

  5. Eh - even if the pizza place makes their sauce fresh on site every day, they probably use canned tomatoes to do it. It's not a shortcut so much as a completely different ingredient. So don't worry about your pizza!! :-)

    Loved the Renfest pix.


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