Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Trendy shoes

You know me. I am not "trendy" in the slightest. I mean, I almost have to be to a certain extent, by virtue of only having what is available in stores to choose from, which almost always follow the trends to a certain extent. But fashionista I am not. Thus I was rather surprised while Mom and I were trying on shoes over the Memorial Day holiday. (I know, old news; work with me here, I'm way behind!) I tried on these, and I actually liked them. (Links will take you to Zappos; no affiliation, just a happy customer.)

Not my usual thing, but they are quite comfortable, and they don't look stupid on me (like other types of trendy shoes). They don't quite rank right up there with my sneakers, but there are times when I just don't want to take the time and trouble to find socks and lace up. These are just slide on and go.

Keep in mind that finding any kind of shoes, much less trendy ones, to fit my whacked out feet is a task. I think Mom and I tried on virtually every shoe in the store between us. Shoes that I like when I look at the picture or sample, typically a size 6 regular width, can look terrible in a size 8W. And that assumes I can even get them *on* my feet. Not only are my feet wide, but they are also very "tall." As in, the "inside" of my shoe (space between the insole and the top of the shoe) needs to be deeper than average. I can get away with the ones above because they only cover my toes, and the strap has elastic holding it to the side of the shoe, so it can stretch over that portion of my foot. Just after where the strap covers is where my foot is freakishly tall, which makes anything that comes up high on the foot (without very stretchy elastic or laces) difficult for me to wear.

I also got some new flats for work. My current ones are Payless specials (read: cheap cheap shoes!) that I've had for nearly 2 years, and they are getting more and more uncomfortable each time I wear them. I know these are plain and boring, but they're quite comfortable for a dress shoe.

I know, two pair of shoes in one year, much less one shopping trip, is simply unheard of for me. I would not have bought both for myself, I would have gone with the new dress shoes. They're just more practical, and even if they're not worn all that often, they are a must have when the need arises (like vendor meetings, which have been frequent of late). But I didn't have to choose. Instead, my very wonderful Mom bought both for me. Some kind of combination late Mother's Day gift and early birthday gift, I imagine. Thanks Mom!

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  1. *TWO* pairs of new shoes? At once? What's next, a purse?

  2. LOL! I love suz's comment about the purse!

    I love Clarks - my faves are a pair of brown slip-on mary janes too. There's an outlet up in Dawsonville, if you're ever up that way.

  3. Look at you, next thing you know you'll be asking to borrow my red strappy stilettos! LOL

    Congrats on the new shoes!

  4. Yes, the Awesome and Most Magical House of Clarks has manufactured nearly every shoe in my closet. My feet are unhappy in most anything else. After my first pair, I was a goner.


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