Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Gak! Not a fun day.

I'm not up for inventing a pithy title right now. Work was terrible today. Three bits of bad news on a single project, and one that had been going so well to this point that we were looking to be at least a week ahead of our already aggressive schedule. Now we may not even complete before year's end. I am so not happy! My boss's response to my email detailing the complications: "Well you're full of good news today, aren't you?" Yeah.

Plus, I had to take my car back to the dealer. We just had the oil changed, tires rotated, and all that jazz less than 2 weeks ago, and then it started doing that thing where the brake indicator comes on and stays on. That happened nearly a year ago when our brakes really were stuck in the "on" position. Cost us almost $800 to fix it then, a mistake I was not about to repeat. Turns out it was just low brake fluid compounded by the sudden cold snap down here (it was 32F/0C this morning, BRRR!). They topped it off, checked for a leak in the line (found none), and checked the brakes themselves (totally fine). No charge even, so that was good news. It was just a pain to have to take it in and wait on it, especially with Tuesday being my busy conference call day. They have Wi-Fi, and I did take my work computer with me, but dorky me left my secure token at home, so I had to call in and get a temporary access number. Then I had to try and connect to the dealer's network, and it was being fussy, and when I did I discovered my project had blown up in my face, and... and... and....

It was quite a day. I need a nap! Oh wait, I can't. I have to go pick up the child.
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  1. {{hugs}} I hope tomorrow is better than today.

    BTW, where do you find all your little emoticons? They are so cute and diverse.

  2. Ugh! I've had days like that too. Hope today is going better.


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