Thursday, October 30, 2008

Smiley Queen

Hi Claire! I wanted to answer your question about where I get all my smilies. I'm quite the smiley junkie, actually, though I don't go looking for them like I used to. I have over 2000 of them (which I'm sure makes most of you wonder why you keep seeing the same ones over and over), but I've only uploaded about 500 of them for use here, many of which have never graced the bottom of a post. They're not all faces. Some are objects, animals, or food items. I've picked them up from all sorts of places.

My most favorite site is Mazeguy. Pretty much, if you need it, he's got it. I think I have virtually all of his downloaded now (I check in every few months for new ones). Now, there are plenty that I know by heart and use regularly, as I'm sure you've seen, but if I don't have one in mind, I start with my Mazeguy folder first. DeviantART is another good source. It's not as scary a place as the name makes it sound, but you might not want to have children looking over your shoulder when you visit either, as some of the content can be... inappropriate. Just search "emoticon" and you'll get about 15,000 hits. The hard part is slogging through them all to find the good stuff, but it's worth it if you have time to kill (I did, pre-child). And if you find one you like at DeviantART, click on it to see who made it so you can visit their gallery; they probably have more you'll like. You can also just do a general Google search (try searching emoticon, smiley, and smilie). Be careful clicking on some of those sites, though; your computer might catch something. Mainly, just keep your eyes open! You never know when or where you'll stumble across a good one.

If you (or anyone else) is interested, all of the smilies I have uploaded can be found in this directory. Please feel free to take whatever you like, but please download to your own computer and upload to your own space if you want to use them on your site, blog, or board. Thanks!
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  1. Yeah, one of these days I have to learn to use emoticons on my blog. I'm just to lazy to investigate how they work. I really enjoy them on your blog though. :)

  2. =) Thanks Erin. I love emoticons and I don't use them as much as I would like. Now I've got some sources to add to my little stash.


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