Sunday, June 28, 2009

Luke swim update - 4 classes down, 2 to go

I wanted to give you a quick up date on Luke's progress in swimming class. He is doing very well! I realized after his second class that he would most likely *not* be able to actually swim once his 6 weekly classes were over, which is a little disappointing. I do think he will be able to after the next level of class, though. The big question now is: do they offer the next class in the fall? I hope so.

The big news this week is that he swam one length of the pool by himself using only the marshmallow stick (thin plastic stick with foam cylinders on the end, about the size of toilet paper rolls), with no assistance from the instructor other than the occasional tug on the stick to adjust his heading (he's not so good at steering yet). He was the only student in his class who was able to do it so far. Go Luke! She was so proud of him, and so are we!

There are still several things to work on, though. He still sputters when he goes under water. I think he forgets to close his eyes, and I also think he forgets to keep his mouth closed. Then there's floating. He can float just fine on his back, as long as she keeps her hand on his back. She's not holding him up at all once he gets into position, it's just barely touching his back. "Relax and let the water hold you," she says. But as soon as she moves her hand away so that it's not touching him, he freaks out and sinks. We'll work on it. It's still nice to see such good progress!

Currently feeling: well on our way to having a little fish


  1. GO LUKE!!! Awesome! I'm sure if you guys continue working with him, he will be swimming like a guppy in no time!!

  2. Yay Luke - sounds like good progress! :)

  3. Go Luke! Sounds like he's making good progress:)


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