Thursday, June 11, 2009

Quit, don't quit? Noodles, don't noodles?

That's a quote from Kung Fu Panda, by the way. I thought I would update you on the continuing drama that is now dinnertime. As you may recall, Saturday was bad, but Monday went pretty well. I suspected Wednesday may not go well, and it didn't, but there was an interesting development. On Monday, I reported that when he tried the parmesan noodles, I thought I heard him say "mmm" without even realizing it. Turns out, I was correct. When he sat down and saw his plate (salisbury steak with cheesy julienne potatoes; I think he may not like beef, like my brother), he started crying. "Don't want cheese [meaning the potatoes], want noodles!" Well, okay then. I had not eaten my leftovers from Monday, so there happened to still be noodles left in the refrigerator. He was welcome to them, as soon as he had a bite of meat and a bite of potatoes. Much crying and whining followed that statement, but he did eventually have one bite of each, and he did get the noodles. He only ate 6-8 bites of noodles, but still, we'll take any improvement and acceptance of new foods that we can get!

Currently feeling: already tired of the drama


  1. It's tough being the parent ;) You have sooo many more fun days ahead!

  2. Kung Fu Panda is teh awesome.

  3. I know what you mean about being tired of the drama! Sometimes I just dread dinnertime especially if I'm planning to make something I know the kids aren't crazy about or haven't had before. Nothing worse than working all day, angsting over what to make for dinner, pushing through that to actually put something on the table, and then they all complain.

  4. First, I applaud your efforts to expand Luke's food choices. Good parenting is rarely easy. I've never been a short order cook for my girls. They eat what I cook, or they don't eat. Diva at 15 will eat most anything and has few true dislikes. DD#2 at 13 is still relatively picky, but better than she would have been had I not insisted she try everything on her plate everytime. Now that she often eats at friends' houses, this is a handy skill - she is able to eat enough so as not to offend the cook!


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