Saturday, July 18, 2009

Starfish and Cousins and Vets

Today was a terribly busy day, but a good one overall. We started off at Luke's last swimming lesson. I can't believe it's over already. I thought the summer was going to last forever when I heard we would be occupied every weekend for 6 weeks, but here it is, all done. He has made so much progress! He is the only one from his class that she allowed to swim with the marshmallow bar while she was nearly 10 feet away. He was doing it all himself!

Until this week, he had a lot of trouble staying balanced on the kickboard. He had a tendency to roll himself off of it and into the water. But he got it figured out for this last lesson.

He also got to actually "swim" just a tiny bit. She would hold him 5-6 feet from the wall, give him a push, and he had to kick himself over to the wall. His feet didn't reach the bottom of the pool, so he really is propelling himself towards the wall (albeit a little awkwardly). I have to admit, I was impressed. That's farther along towards actual swimming than I expected him to be after only 6 classes. This is video of his very last task to finish off his time as a Starfish swimmer.

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And as you can see, he is ready to jump right into the "leisure pool" as soon as class is over. I really wish he could jump right into the next class, but it won't be offered until probably September. Even the pool itself is closed for the next 2-3 weeks. And his teacher, who we like so much, is moving away in a few weeks and won't be teaching in the fall. Miss Sabrina, we'll miss you!

After swim, we loaded everyone in the car in a hurry and headed out to lunch with my mom's family. My maternal grandmother and uncle live close by, but my maternal aunt and cousin live out in New Mexico, so we don't get to see them much. But they were in town visiting for a few days, so we made it a point to get out there while they were here, despite Tigger still being in the hospital. We had an appointment to pick her up at 3:30 that afternoon, so instead of the originally planned dinner, we bumped it to lunch. Thank you, everyone, for being so accommodating! We had a great pizza lunch, then went back to my grandmother's for a little while. And did I take a single picture of my aunt and cousin while they were here? NO! What was I thinking? My aunt took a few. Maybe I can get a copy from her.

We had to leave around 2:45 in order to make our 3:30 vet appointment. We also had to get gas. Saying goodbye took longer than expected, and getting gas took longer than expected, and there was much more traffic on I-20 than expected, and I realized we were going to be late for our appointment. I whipped out my cell phone and called the office and told them we would be about 10 minutes late. As we were merging onto I-285, I realized we were running about 5 minutes later than we had indicated, but I didn't think it was worth calling again about 5 more minutes, especially when 285 is usually a good place to make up a little time if you really need to. Then the interstate came into view. And it was NOT moving. At. All. We creeped and crawled, and by 3:50, I was ready to cry.

We had no idea how to get from the next exit to the vet's office. So I did what any girl does: I called my daddy. He pulled out a map and figured out how to get us from where we were to where we needed to be. We arrived just after 4 via some backroads, but we had lost our appointment time, so we had to wait to be worked in, which took nearly an hour. By then, Luke was getting very antsy, which was understandable. He had not had nap or rest time, or even a snack, but then again, we expected to be home by 4:30. The waiting room offers free water and coffee, and I did have my emergency stash of fruit snacks in the car. Luke and DH sat in the waiting room while snack was consumed while they showed me how to feed Tigger with the feeding tube. We packed her up, picked up dinner, and we headed home. By the time we arrived, we had been away from home for about 9.5 straight hours, which is unheard of. Sunday will likely be a bit of a trial, since Luke has a tendency to be grumpy after such hectic days without a rest. Hopefully, he'll be fine and Tigger will keep eating.

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