Friday, July 10, 2009

Tigger Update: She's Eating!

When I got to the vet's office this morning, I told the girl at the front that I had brought some foods for her to try, including the chicken with dried beef that I made for her last night. (I still feel a little silly about that, but if that's what it takes to save her life, then so be it.) She said that she would take it to the back and check on Tigger's status. When she returned, she said that Dr. George wanted to talk with me, and then I could visit with her. My heart just sank to my feet. I just knew that either he was going to ask permission to put in a feeding tube, or tell me that she had deteriorated overnight and things were not looking good.

Imagine my surprise when he opened the door with a huge grin and announced, "she's eating great!" Seriously? He admitted that he really thought he was going to have to put in a feeding tube today, so he too was surprised to arrive for rounds this morning and find out that she was eating well. She ate "quite a bit" of the turkey they got her, then they left her some dry cat food overnight and most of that was gone this morning. (Oh, the irony, since this whole mess was likely caused because she was overweight and pre-diabetic, so we were told to get her *off* the dry food and switch to wet, which she has largely refused to eat.) As long as she continues to eat and her liver numbers continue to improve, she can come home this weekend!!

"We'll bring her in and let you visit with her. She's had her appetite stimulant already this morning, but she hasn't eaten anything. See if she'll eat for you." My presence has never altered her eating before, but I'll give it a try. She looked good, though she is clearly not bathing much (VERY unusual for her), which is something of a concern, but there are bigger things to worry about at the moment. This may sound silly, but she already feels heavier (likely from being rehydrated as much as anything), which is definitely a good thing. "Do you think she would eat something if you gave it to her?" I may have just the magic potion in the bag of foods I brought for her. Bring forth the chicken!

We scooped up about a tablespoon of it. I had chopped the chicken quite small, and there was enough sauce on it to keep it moist but not drown it. She immediately started eating! She even grabbed the glob and tried to run away with it, since she knows that she wouldn't be allowed to eat that much normally. Even the tech was impressed with her gusto. Do I know my cat, or do I know my cat? She only ate that one little scoop, even though we offered her more (I brought about 1/2 a cup with me, and there's more here at home if need be), but they said that was actually a very good amount for now. So, she's doing as well as we could expect at this point in time, she's eating well, and her liver numbers are improving. What more could we ask?

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  1. Yay!!!! Here's to hoping she keeps improving and gets to come home this weekend. :)


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