Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Tigger Update: Feeding Tube

My apologized for this becoming the "all Tigger, all the time" blog. It's just what is going on right now with us. There should be some new non-cat stuff to report starting tomorrow with Pre-K Orientation and continuing with Luke's last swim class and an evening with my aunt and cousin from New Mexico on Saturday.

As you can see from the title, the news on Tigger is not good. She didn't eat too much on Monday, but she was at least still showing interest. But yesterday, she just did not want to eat, or drink. It's almost like she forgot how. I got her a drop-off appointment for today, the only one they had left, and they finally got to look at her around 11 AM. She has lost several ounces since Saturday, and she is once again seriously dehydrated. They've started an IV for fluids again, and they will put in a feeding tube this afternoon. That should get her stabilized, and she can come home in 1-2 days. "Some cats only need the support of a feeding tube for a few days before they start eating on their own." Yeah, why am I suspecting that she is not one of those? "But the feeding tube can also stay in for many weeks if need be." I guess that's good. Better than the alternative.

So, either this will get her liver functioning again and she will be fine in a few weeks, or this will get her stable enough to figure out what is really causing the problem. We should also get her FIV results tomorrow. We're really still in limbo as to whether she is truly going to be well again or not. It all depends on her response and what the additional tests show. Please continue to keep your paws crossed for her. We really miss our princess kitty.

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  1. ((Erin)) I'm so sorry your kitty is so sick. :(


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