Thursday, July 09, 2009

Tigger Diagnosis: Hepatic Lipidosis

In case anyone missed the updates on Twitter and/or Facebook, they think Tigger will be okay. She's still not out of the woods, and things could still go bad. The next 24 hours are crucial. She has hepatic lipidosis caused by not eating for a few days. Basically, her body went into starvation mode, but it tried to convert so much fat to energy so quickly that it is clogging her liver, causing jaundice and dehydration. She's been on a diet for 6-8 weeks now, so she should have lost 2-3 pounds by now. She'd lost 5! That's 1/3 of her pre-diet body weight. They said she is likely in a fair bit of pain and very very nauseous, which only compounds the problem (not eating). They are "throwing the book at her," as Dr. George put it, pumping her full of fluids, anti-nausea meds, appetite boosters, and anything else they think will help. "We'll do our best to flush her system and give her the munchies," he said. Great, my cat will be high! LOL ("Just a little," says Dr. G.) And she can have anything she wants to eat, as long as she eats! I recommended chicken or bacon. When we left, she had a catheter, an IV, and she was wearing the "cone of shame." (Those who have seen Up are laughing right now.) She was one very unhappy Princess Kitty. Still, better unhappy and alive and likely to recover than the alternative. If we'd waited one more day, it likely would have been too late.

If she starts eating and her liver function improves by morning, they'll send her home either tomorrow evening or sometime Saturday (bless my vet's office for being open 7 days a week). If she's still not eating at all come tomorrow and there is no change in liver function, she'll have to have a feeding tube for several weeks, but again, once her liver function improves and she is eating on her own, it can be removed. It's not a sure thing, and we could still lose her (now, or later if the feeding tube doesn't work), but everyone is cautiously optimistic. Thank you for all the good thoughts! I'll keep you updated.

Currently feeling: missing my Muffin-kitty, and so thankful for Dr. George

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  1. Keeping my fingers crossed for you and Tigger, Erin. Poor girl :(


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