Thursday, April 22, 2010

Earth Day 2010

Happy Earth Day!

We are Family Emoticon by Ticu at Deviant Art. I was looking for an emoticon for Cheryl when I stumbled on this big one. Absolutely loved it, downloaded it immediately, but I had no idea what I would do with it. When I started this post today, I knew it would be perfect. Thanks, Cheryl! LOL

So how did I celebrate Earth Day today? By going shopping for the first time ever with a reusable bag! What can I say, I'm slow getting on the bandwagon. I also used a very special bag! This one was given to me by my friend Cyndi (the same one from Jacksonville a few weeks ago). I unfortunately had to miss their wedding a couple of years ago because I was feeling very sick that day. Cyndi and Matt are very environmentally conscious (he designs wind farms, for goodness sake!), so they gave out reusable bags as wedding favors. She still had some left, so she gave me one when I was there.

At the wedding, they had the bags rolled and stacked in baskets so they looked like flowers. Leave it to Cyndi to come up with something like that! See the flowers?

I had to pick up my prescription and a birthday party gift from Target today, so I took it with me. Here is an "action shot" of the bag in its intended habitat:

And a posed shot so you can actually see it well (all of the above are camera phone shots, which is why they're so crummy). It says "You must be the change you wish to see in the world."

In an effort to try and be more environmentally conscious, I picked up some additional bags when I placed the order with Disney for Luke's Superhero Squad shirt from yesterday. They have several different designs, but these were the ones I liked best, plus the purchase of these two in particular also made a donation to a Disney conservation fund.

My biggest problem with most of the reusable bags is that they are so small. I'm not always buying small things. Sometimes a bigger bag is required. And that's when I found these. Not only do I love the design, look at how much bigger they are than the typical size reusable bags!

I have two each of all the Disney bags, all of which have stiff flat bottom inserts. Not only are they good for shopping, I think they'll be great for taking to the park or the beach and such. (No affiliation, just a happy customer.) Here's to more environmentally friendly shopping!

Currently feeling: it's in the bag!

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  1. Yay! I love hearing about people using our wedding bags. One friend keeps her knitting in it, one has designated it her grocery store bread bag, etc. This post shows the Mackintosh inspiration for the design if anyone's curious.
    The Disney bags look great. One tip is to leave them hanging on the doorknob on your exit door. That way, they're hard to forget to put back in your car.


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