Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Marvel-ous Mom

At Luke's daycare, they keep the younger and older after school kids separate until there are few enough left that a single teacher can handle them. I arrived just as the two classes were combining, and an older boy was admiring Luke's new shirt.

Luke has been playing the Superhero Squad game and watching the related cartoon for several weeks now, but he's still learning all of the characters' names. As I walked in the door to the classroom, the other boy was naming all of the ones on the shirt, but when he got to the one on the top right, Luke insisted it was Magneto (who wears a purple costume in the show, so I think that threw him off), even though the other boy correctly identified him as Wolverine. Luke turned around and saw me standing there. "Mommy, this is Magneto, right?" No, honey, that's Wolverine.

And the 8-year-old's mouth just fell open. "Moms aren't supposed to know who Marvel characters are!" LOL Well this mom sure does! So I then proceeded to name the other three. The look on the boy's face was priceless.

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  1. Good for you. Gorgeous photo too.

  2. Well on your way to winning the "cool mom" label! Good job!


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