Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Festivals and Celebrations

We were a little busy on Sunday. We had plans with our friends the Zimmermans to attend the Georgia Renaissance Festival on Saturday, but the venue is completely outdoors and the weather was abysmal, so we pushed it off until Sunday. The weather was beautiful! We saw Barely Balanced first (sorry, no pics), then headed over to the joust:

After that, it was time to eat, and we let the boys romp around and play some. And yes, I insisted on a group shot (and I'm posting it, even though I look awful!).

Luke loves the Flights of Wonder show so much at Disney that I wanted to take him to see the Birds of Prey show at GARF. We wandered over that way to see what else there was to do, and we got caught by Maxx as he headed to teach his king-ordered chivalry class. (You may recognize Maxx from the first joust photo up there. He's the bad guy.) Even funnier, Luke remembers that word even now, though he says it more like "shiver-y." It was actually a joint class with Maxx and Mauldron, just to make sure Maxx behaves himself. Mauldron even came to sit with Luke and Riley for a moment!

The raptor show started immediately afterward, and we got to see four amazing birds: a hawk, an owl, a vulture, and a condor (yes, Darla, I thought of you immediately!). The condor was just huge, with a 10-foot wingspan.

After that, it was about time for us to leave for Sunday activity #2. Luke *really* wanted to ride something, though, and Ginny and Justin were kind enough to share their ride tickets with us. We weren't sure if Riley would want to ride, but he did fine with Luke with him. Looks like they're having a great time to me!

A photo from the parking lot (field), just in case you've never actually seen Georgia red clay. When we say red, we mean it! We all brought a change of shoes and socks so we didn't track it all over the car and into the next venue.

Sunday was also the day of Luke's first ever non-family member birthday party. He and O have been best friends for nearly 2 years now. We've never been able to work out a play date with him, and when they got split into separate Pre-K classes, I was afraid they would grow apart. But, they are both in after school care, so they get to see each other daily and are still great friends. O's mom was kind enough to invite Luke to the party (there were only a couple of other kids from school there, all from O's class), and I really felt that it was important for us to be there, so we shortened our GARF visit and made it on time to O's birthday party at Monkey Joe's (indoor venue full of inflatable bounce houses and slides). I only got a couple of (not very good) photos, but all 4 boys had an absolutely blast!

I also made friends with the moms of the other two boys, which was very nice. We were all very disappointed to learn that the boys will each be attending different elementary schools from each other, but we made it a point to exchange contact info and we hope to schedule some play dates over the summer. All in all, a very good day for everyone, even if we were exhausted by the end!

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  1. My DD#2 still keeps in contact with her bestest friend from preschool, and as it happens, they will be attending the same high school in the fall! So, you never know....


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