Thursday, July 15, 2010

Awesome, new books!

I can think of few words I would rather hear out of my child's mouth than those. After our trip to Alabama, with him showing a continued interest in space and rockets, my father gladly did some online shopping and set us some age appropriate space books. First is a book that both of his Pre-K teachers mentioned that he loved (that I had never heard of until he started Pre-K). I had been meaning to buy it for him, but I kept forgetting. There's No Place Like Space, by Tish Rabe.

Now, this is not a "real" Dr. Seuss book; it is not written by Theodore Geisel. It is, however, written and illustrated just as though it were and is approved by Dr. Seuss Enterprises. (And ours is revised to only 8 planets.) Luke absolutely loves it. We also stumbled on this series:

This is the All About (Blast Off!) Series. There are six total, I believe, all by Miriam Gross. They do a much better job of explaining things on his level than I was doing, plus they have a glossary and an index, when we're ready for that kind of thing. I personally like the astronaut, shuttle, and rocket books the best. They are all very good, but there is a fair bit of (logical) repetition between some of them.

There were a couple of other books ordered (thank you, Papa!), but these are the ones that Luke returns to again and again. I would not hesitate to recommend them to anyone with younger children interested in science and space. No affiliation with the publishers or authors or anything, just a happy mom!

Now, if I could just get my son to actually read the books himself, we'll be in great shape!

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