Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Registered for Kindergarten

As of today, we are officially registered for Kindergarten! I'm trying not to fret about everything, but it doesn't seem to be working. I am particularly frustrated that the telephone information line is giving incorrect information. I am a good girl; I learned well in Kindergarten. The first thing I learned is to follow instructions, so I called the information line to get them. It said to bring such and such documents and stated that registration was Monday through Friday, 7:30 AM to 1:30 PM. I was surprised by these hours, particularly in the summer, but I didn't worry about it because that is what the information line told me to do.

We arrived Friday afternoon around 11 AM, only to discover a sign taped to the front door stating that summer registration hours are Tuesday through Thursday, 9 AM to Noon. Would it really have been so much trouble to update your information line message with that *information* as well? (And yes, I checked the website; it wasn't there either.) I try not to be one of "those people," you know? When I dialed the main office number and was given a choice of "for registration information", I pressed the button. There was no reason for me to bother a busy person when the info I needed was available right there in a pre-recorded message. If I were the secretary and constantly answered the phone and spoke with people to give the same information that was already recorded and available on the phone system, I'd be highly annoyed. I was trying to follow instructions. I don't think it is too much to ask that the information line have accurate information!! If I lived far away, or if I had arranged time off work to go do this, I would have been very upset indeed.

I'm trying not to be unsettled by something so minor, but I definitely think it should have been handled better. Is this indicative of how careful (or not) they are about other things? Will they be this bad at handling my kid? Will they forget to tell me important things about him, too? Is this a sign that he is doomed to failure and we chose poorly when deciding where to move?

Um, yeah, I'm a little anxious about him starting Kindergarten, why do you ask?

I did return today and got him officially registered. The school is very nice, clearly older, but clean and bright. It doesn't "feel" old, if that makes any sense. And the front office secretary was so nice and helpful. You could tell she had given her spiel more than once, but she didn't do it in any sort of resentful or condescending way. She seemed genuinely pleased to help. She was most impressed that I had all of my documents and that I had completed every single blank on the enrollment form. "Wow, you actually answered everything, and you have every document we need. That never happens." Seriously? The information line said to bring this, that, and the other, so we did. You handed me a form and said fill it out, and I did. Following directions is a pretty basic principle, is it not? Something they start teaching in Kindergarten (if not before)? Scary.

Anyway, she photocopied what she needed, handed me back my documents plus a couple of other forms, like his Kindergarten Abilities Assessment and a supply list, and walked me to the door. "You're all set!" I am? It sure doesn't feel like it. "Open house is on Wednesday, August 5th. See you there!" Sure! (if I don't have a nervous breakdown first)

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