Wednesday, December 29, 2010


Fontina cheese is our newest family obsession. I completely blame my brother! His new recipe for the family this year was a squash recipe that involves heavy cream, mozzarella, parmesan, and fontina. Knowing that this family is full of cheese lovers, he bought double the amount of fontina required for the recipe so that we could all sample it. OMG, yummy yummy yummy!!

We immediately started thinking of what else we could make with it. Let's try a grilled cheese sandwich! Believe it or not, it didn't really work. For me, the flavor of the cheese has to be sharp enough to cut through the bread and butter, and the fontina was too mellow for that, but it melts beautifully. Wait, melts.... Mac & Cheese! So we whipped up a batch of Annette's macaroni and cheese using half sharp cheddar and half fontina. It was a near-religious experience, just so incredibly delicious. I may never make mac and cheese any other way, it was that amazing. I can't wait to find something else to do with it! Suggestions?

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  1. Can you share your mac & cheese recipe please? Sounds awesome!

  2. Mmmmm.....mac and cheese!! :)


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