Monday, December 27, 2010

TKO: Second Tooth Lost

Luke officially announced his second loose tooth on December 11 (the other middle one on the bottom). It hadn't been getting very loose in the couple of weeks that it was around, but the adult tooth was starting to come in behind it. The last one got really loose and then hung around forever. I thought this one was still pretty firmly entrenched, so I was rather surprised when I picked him up today and he excitedly announced that his tooth came out. "Wyle hit my mouth and it came out, and there was lots of blood." No doubt, since I'm pretty sure it wasn't ready yet! Can't have been too bad, though, since there was no blood on his clothes. They had it all wrapped up in a cup with his name on it when we got there, ready for the tooth fairy. I see another $5 in his future.

Currently feeling: $5 poorer

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