Saturday, December 18, 2010

Interlocking Square Temari

I know! Two temari in two months. What is this world coming to? Well, keep in mind the previous one was nearly done when I found it in my bag. This one, however, was started from scratch. I'd estimate about 12 hours of work over the course of about a week from the bare styrofoam ball to completion. Not bad at all, especially considering I've never tried this pattern before, and I didn't have any instructions, just a photo.

I also attempted this one by just using the simple 4 plus obi marking pins, plus half way divider pins, as opposed to actually placing all of the complex 8 guidelines. It was so easy for me to see where the six squares went, I didn't think I would need them. Mistake! I think things would have come out a little more square (no pun intended) if I had put the guidelines in. I will next time!

But for my first try at this pattern, and particularly given how non-spherical this base ended up being, I'm pretty happy with it.

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  1. Wow, that is absolutely lovely. Great job!

  2. OHOHOH!!! That is just fabulous!!! Yes, I'm totally hooked.......bad Erin for distracting me with pretties before the start of the new year!

  3. Looks great!! I really need to learn to do this one day.

  4. Fabulous job, Erin! Especially impressive with no pattern and no complex markings!! You'll be ready for the JTA certification soon. ;)


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