Sunday, December 26, 2010

Considering a Giveaway

I love my little cube timer so much (see previous post), I'm considering doing a giveaway for one to start the new year. (No affiliation, just a happy user!) What would you all think about that? I've been considering several giveaways for next year, but this one just seemed obvious. I know it's not necessarily stitching related, but is that okay? Thoughts? Opinions?

[NOTE: this is not the actual giveaway, I'm just considering doing one at this point]

Currently feeling: considering


  1. I think that timer is really cool. I've already ask the husband to hunt one down for me. (No luck finding a Canadian store that carries it yet.)

    And it can be stitching related. I mean, set the time for 60 minutes, stitch, and get up to clean house when it goes off... or not.

  2. I think it's a grand idea, but then, I want to win! LOL

    And I may use it for stitching, too. Easier to time in one-hour increments, than remembering to stop/start a timer everytime I have to get up to let the dogs out....LOL

  3. I'd love to win it - don't think they exist on this technologically challenged side of the Pond ;)


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