Thursday, October 20, 2011

ENT Results

I saw the ENT today. Dr. S was much more concerned that I've been this sick for two weeks now than he is about the perforated eardrum. He is equally baffled by how the perforation occurred, other than just a pressure buildup with my sinus infection. Since I am a heavy sleeper, it could possibly have burst while I was sleeping, especially with how tired I've been. Hhe wants to wait for the infection to clear up before even thinking about poking around in my ear. He did give me some "magic mouthwash" with a steroid in it to help with the ulcers and the infection. I *hate* steroids! And I'm supposed to be on them for the next 60 days? Ugh! Sure hope the eardrum repairs itself before I go back so he won't have to do anything. So, no action to take now (just steroids). We'll recheck it in December.

Currently feeling: relieved

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