Saturday, October 22, 2011

More Pinterest Ideas in Action

Yes, I am still addicted to Pinterest! LOL It's taking up less of my time these days, but I still check in nearly every single day. And I've put a few more ideas from there into practice. This is my current favorite:

Store hair elastics on a carabiner. (See pin.) This is so much easier and faster than the flimsy cardboard they come on! I find myself putting them back on the carabiner and back in the drawer much more than I used to. I got the carabiners from Amazon. They're not high quality (certainly not for climbing, and they say that), but I don't need them to be. For this, they are perfect.

This is more of an inspiration. The actual pin is about using chalkboard paint on baby food jar lids to store your spices. While that is a good idea, I like the tall narrow bottles that the spices I buy come in. The problem, though, is that I store them in this plastic bin and I ended up picking up half the bottles looking for the right one. But hello, why not just write the names of the spices on the lids like the pin does?! One silver Sharpie later, and I am a very happy girl.

And last but not least is a recipe, Taco Cornbread Bake from food blog Plain Chicken (see pin or direct recipe link). It was just okay. Part of the problem is that the cornbread is way too sweet, in my opinion. It would definitely be better with a savory cornbread, but I think it was also missing something I can't quite put my finger on.

So that's the latest on Pinterest. Anything you are loving from there at the moment? Do y'all like this, or would you prefer that I hush about it already? LOL Let me know.

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