Friday, October 07, 2011

Luke is 7

I remembered to snap a photo of Luke on his actual birthday right before he went to bed. Today was.... well, it was a day. He was out of school, and we let him pick where he wanted to eat lunch. I had to run an errand, so when we met at the restaurant, I noticed Luke had that "glittery eye" look that he gets when he's running a fever. Sure enough, he was hot to the touch, likely 100+. So instead of getting party stuff ready during my Friday off, I ended up taking Luke to the doctor. Not exactly what he wanted for his birthday! With his party set for tomorrow, it wasn't worth the risk of not being seen, especially since he was already out of school.

We got the last remaining sick appointment of the day at 4:30, which I think actually translates to "come at the end of the day and we'll try to work you in." We arrived 15 minutes early, hoping that would help. Instead, they were short two nurses, so they were running about an hour behind. We were called back around 5:20. One ear was fine, one eardrum was not moving, though it wasn't inflamed. She decided to trust me and wrote us a "just in case" prescription, and I agreed not to use it unless he starts complaining of ear pain, spikes a fever over 102, or if he continues to run a low grade fever for the next 4 days. Here's hoping we won't need it!

Happy birthday to my brand new 7 year old!

P.S. I am also getting sicker by the minute. I probably should have gone to the doctor today as well, but my doctor isn't in the office on Fridays, and I really didn't have the time. Will almost surely have a sinus infection by Monday, and maybe bronchitis. Yeah, this will be fun.

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  1. Happy birthday, Luke!

    I hope you feel better soon, Erin.


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