Sunday, October 09, 2011

Luke's 7th Birthday Party

Time for Luke's birthday party! But first, we must play soccer.

::sigh:: Ah, one day, I will have a DSLR! All of these were taken by my parents, who each brought their big cameras to the field.

Some fun full action shots.

And some great close ups (both of these are completely uncropped).

By the way, it is heart-stopping when *this* happens. They didn't actually touch him, but it is so scary watching the possibility unfold before your eyes.

How about some field play?

Not that it helped; we got absolutely trounced. Admittedly, we played badly. All of the boys were either getting over something or coming down with something (or, like Luke, actively sick; he was still running a low fever that morning). But I'm not sure it would have mattered even if we'd been in top form. Those kids were *good,* and they knew it.

But these sure seemed to make the kids feel better (I decorated them myself):

And Luke loved these, although he didn't get to actually hold them while we were outside. It was *way* too windy. I don't care what they said on Mythbusters, I'm convinced he would have blown away while holding them.

But there's no time! We've gotta get home, bathe, eat lunch, and prepare to party! We did Phineas and Ferb this year, per Luke's request.

And Mom did her usual fantastic job on the cake.

I literally spent days working on these. Six collages, sporting roughly 35 photos each, starting with October 7, 2010. There was basically one each for fall, winter, spring, and summer, plus two for Boston. Everyone seemed to get a real kick out of looking at them, and I let everyone (all adults) take what they wanted as party favors.

It was a small party this year. Neither DH's brother (and wife and girls) nor my brother could make it, and we missed them terribly. But my MIL's sister and her husband came for the first time, which was great! I think it had been a few years since we had seen them, and here was our second visit in a month (they were at DH's uncle's house over Labor Day). Plus my parents, my mom's mom, and the three of us. Probably a good thing, since I just continued to get sicker as the day progressed.

After refreshments came cake and gifts.

I love this shot. He's practically drooling!

The party was a great success. Everyone really seemed to enjoy it, and it was a nice mostly quiet affair. Things broke up around 5PM, and we had dinner around 6. Mom pretty much made me sit while she did all of the clean up, for which I am very grateful. By now, my right ear was hurting, usually signaling an ear infection, and the coughing was much worse. Not only did she have nearly every dish in the house clean, she had me packed off to bed by 9:30.

I woke up the next morning with what I knew was a sinus infection. My grandfather's facility called to say his blood pressure was low, so Mom and Dad decided to leave a bit early and swing by there on their way home. Mom whipped up a casserole and tossed it in the refrigerator before she left, which meant that I didn't even have to worry about dinner. Have I mentioned lately that my parents rock?

I basically followed them out the door and headed to the Minute Clinic. I knew if I waited until Monday that I wold have bronchitis, and I really didn't want to go down that road. I arrived a little after 10 AM, and I was waiting on a prescription to treat my diagnosed sinusitis by 11:30. She couldn't check my ear because it was occluded by wax, but the antibiotics will hopefully take care of all of it. Hopefully I'll start feeling better in a day or two.

Currently feeling: is he really 7?!

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