Tuesday, November 15, 2011

First Grade Musical

Remember the musical program put on by the Kindergarten classes last year? We were so very impressed! So when Luke came home a few weeks ago singing songs from the musical Oklahoma, I couldn't wait for this year's show! So imagine my surprise when the First Grade musical performance at the PTA meeting was so.... disappointing? There really isn't another word for it (well, there is, but I'm trying to be nice). Apparently, the former music teacher retired and they have someone new. I'm trying to resist the urge to send her video from last year and say "If they were capable of *this* in Kindergarten, then imagine what they can do now. You are squandering their capabilities; please give them more credit!" Also, instead of doing a single longer program for all of First Grade, they sent the classes up on stage 1 or 2 at a time to do "musical interpretation and assistance in reading." Translation: the music teacher read the book while the kids either "sang" the book's refrain (if there was one) or added sound effects. Yeah.

DH and I suspect that this was her master's thesis or something, how music can assist in reading. And I'm sure it can and does! But I really wanted something more, um, traditional when it was advertised as a "musical program." And naturally, Luke's group was the last to go, so all of the kids who had already performed (and their parents) were wiggly and not very respectful. I was not a happy camper. I know it's her first year, and I'm trying to cut her some slack, but I expect much more next year.

But he did look terribly adorable on stage. He almost got upset when it looked like all of the xylophone seats were taken, but there was one spot left, next to "Hermione" from Halloween (that's not her real name, but I think it's a good code name for her for now).

Also, I don't think the PTA has children. Otherwise, I can't imagine they would have started the program at 7PM (already too late, IMO, though I understand many parents can't be there any sooner), then the after school music program group performed (which was *much* better, given that it is still managed by the former music teacher), then the four groups of kids each performed one reading/song that lasted about 3 minutes, not to mention the extra time it took getting four groups of children on and off the stage. It was nearly 8PM by the time we left, WAY past my son's regular bedtime. Do normal children stay up that late? Maybe we're the weird ones putting him to bed around 7:30, but when he gets up at 6AM, he needs it! Here's hoping next year's program is better.

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