Friday, March 23, 2012

First Grade - First School Project

Two weeks ago, Luke came home with his first major school project. He's already written a report on a president (he was assigned JFK). This time, he had to write a 5 sentence report about an animal of his choice and create a "3 dimensional representation of the animal's habitat." I took that to mean a shoe box diorama. I feel so nostalgic!  Luke chose the tiger as his animal.

Tigers live in the forest and like water. They also hunt wild boar for food. We tossed out a couple of ideas, like using pipe cleaners for the tree trunks (instead of sticks from outside) and using dyed rice for the grass, but otherwise, all ideas, cutting, drawing, and coloring were his work. We did help with some of the gluing (especially the back piece).  I think he did a great job!

Special thanks to my husband for remembering to take pictures of it before it left for school this morning, since I forgot to do it last night.

Currently feeling: so proud!

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