Sunday, March 25, 2012

Ulta Nail Polish Pilgrimage

I've always gone through phases of painting my nails and then not. The polish world has exploded in fascinating options in recent years, something I was not really aware of until Pinterest. After seeing so many photos there of really interesting colors and brands, I decided to make my first visit to one of the make up meccas of the world: Ulta. Mom went with me (yeah, really had to twist her arm there). Who knew you could spend nearly 2 hours looking at nail polish?! LOL  And what did those two hours get us? Mine are on the inner ring, and Mom's are on the outer. I have them labeled below.

Inner Ring (mine) - clockwise
  • I1 - Skyscraper by China Glaze
  • I2 - Fireside Glow by China Glaze
  • I3 - Rock the World by Orly
  • I4 - Caribbean Frost by Wet n Wild Shine (stained my nails!)
  • I5 - Till I'm Blue Over You by Pixel
  • I6 - Blue Belle by Orly (mini)
  • I7 - Goth by Orly (mini)
  • I8 - Black Out by Orly (mini)

Outer Ring (Mom's) - clockwise
  • O1 - White Static by Pixel
  • O2 - Diamond by Orly (mini)
  • O3 - Oh Pardon Me by Pixel
  • O4 - Soul Searching by Pixel
  • O5 - Humdinger by Pixel
  • O6 - Very Cherry by Sally Hanson Xtreme Wear
  • O7 - Oh Goly Gee by Pixel
  • O8 - Star Spangled by Orly (mini)
  • O9 - Spam a Lot by Pixel
  • O10 - Oh Wow by Pixel
  • O11 - Deep Dark and Handsome by Pixel

Should I mention that we each picked up about 6 bottles later in the evening? Nah, we'll just pretend that didn't happen. :-) Mostly Sinful Colors, if I recall correctly, but I know I got a Milani and a Wet n Wild, too.  I'm sure I'll be showing those off later, but tomorrow, I will be using the Orly Rock The World that Mom bought for me ($10 on a single bottle is more than I could stomach right now; thanks Mom!).

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  1. If your shopping at Ulta, go for the Butter London's - great formular for nail polish and also the Zoya line is the best!!!! I'm not a huge Orly fan but the magentic polishs are really fun. Essie's are pretty good. And the Seche line for nail maintence is the best out there.


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