Sunday, July 29, 2012

The Olympics - London 2012 - Opening Weekend

Not sure how much blogging will get done in the next couple of weeks. I am a complete Olympics junkie, and this is the first one Luke is really paying any attention to, so that should be fun. So far, he is really enjoying the table tennis, badminton (they apparently play this at his school during gym on rainy days), archery, and men's gymnastics (high bar especially; definitely my son, as it is far and away my favorite men's event!). Here are my Get Glue stickers so far (through the end of Sunday late night).

I feel I only "qualify" for a sticker if I watch two full TV segments of a sport (20-30 minutes), so the teeny tiny bit of soccer, basketball, and handball that I've seen (less than 5 minutes each) don't count. Yet; I'll get to them! I'm doing what I can to be able to say I actually watched at least some of as many events as possible. Might have to stream some live, since I (unfortunately) can't stay awake and watch coverage 24/7, and I can only record 2 channels at a time. (I know, first world problems!) I'm not sure I'll be able to sit through enough boxing to count, though. I've tried, and it makes me feel ill to watch two people try to beat each other to a pulp. ::sigh:: Anyway, Luke keeps asking about the 100 yard dash (yes, I know it is meters these days), so he's ready for the Track and Field events to start this weekend. Looking forward to it!

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