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2013 Summer Movie Preview - Erin's Picks

I realized this morning that it is only 5 weeks to the start of the 2013 Summer Movie Season. Yyyyyaaaaaaaayyyyy! ::insert Kermit flail here::  DH and I were in the car this morning, trying to think of what all is coming out. We managed to name 4 of the films we actually intend to see in the theater, which isn't too bad, since I have been completely out of the "coming soon" loop for weeks now (work, vacation, ankle). I checked out a full list on Flixter (no affiliation), and here's what I see coming up this summer. Dates subject to change, of course. This is not an all-inclusive list! It's just what catches my personal eye.

Iron Man 3 (May 3) - Theater Movie! Quite excited about this one, despite the fact that I didn't think Iron Man 2 measured up to the original (though we did enjoy it). It does concern me a touch that Jon Favreau is not returning as director. Hopefully the new guy will handle things properly. He's got some decent writing credits to his name (including most of the Lethal Weapon movies), but he's a little light on directing credits. Hopeful this one will wrap things up in a great manner!

The Great Gatsby (May 10) - Not sure about this one. Cast looks phenomenal, but this is not the kind of film I typically go out of my way to see at the theater (especially post-child; pre-child we definitely would have seen it on the silver screen!).

Star Trek: Into Darkness (May 15) - Star Trek. Enough said. I'm there! Definitely a theater movie.

Fast & Furious 6 (May 24) - Probably not something I'll actually see (I think I saw the first one, and maybe parts of the 3rd one), but I find it highly fascinating that it is getting the Memorial Day release! Not bad counter-programming against The Hangover III, I suppose. If those were my only two choices, I know I'd pick F&F! (I'll probably be watching Star Trek over Memorial Day weekend, though.)

Epic (May 24) - Likely theater movie. The third of three very different films debuting for Memorial Day weekend. I have only the vaguest recollection of seeing the preview for it, during the Super Bowl, maybe? Animated fare from Blue Sky Stuidos (Ice Age), loosely based on a William Joyce children's book. I'm hearing "kid version of Avatar" a lot. There is very little out this year for Luke, so we'll probably preview it for him. Not chomping at the bit for it, though. Would really like to see more about it between now and then (still almost 2 months away).

Now You See Me (May 31) - Likely theater movie. I hadn't even heard of this movie until I started doing research for this post. Apparently, it had its release date pulled up from fall to summer, which is actually a point in its favor of trying to see it in the theater. Premise and cast are interesting. Quoting from IMDb: "FBI agents track a team of illusionists who pull off bank heists during their performances and reward their audiences with the money." Okay, you have my attention. Cast: Jesse Eisenberg, Dave Franco (yes, James's little brother), Morgan Freeman, Mark Ruffalo, Woody Harrelson, Michael Caine. Now you really have my attention! That is quite a collection of folks.

After Earth (June 7) - "Shouldn't Will Smith have a new movie out soon?", hubby asked in the conversation that prompted me to get this post written. A little googling showed that yes, yes he does! Don't know much about this one (other than very vague memories of the trailer on TV; another of the Super Bowl commercials, I'd guess). Future, survivial, Will Smith, Jaden Smith. Oh, hey, just saw it's an M. Night Shyamalan! That certainly makes things more interesting. First time in years and years he's directing something he didn't write. Interesting. Likely theater movie, but can't promise.

Much Ado About Nothing (June 7) - Joss Whedon + Shakespeare. Enough said. Add in his usual cast of actors, and that bumps it up to a must see! Amy Acker, Reed Diamond, Nathan Fillion, Clark Gregg, Fran Kranz, Sean Maher... need I go on? I didn't think so. Not sure if this will get a wide release or limited only; fingers crossed for wide! Likely theater movie.

Man of Steel (June 14) - Theater movie, despite the fact that I'm trying not to get my hopes up about it. I still think losing Brandon Routh was criminal. The reboot wasn't his fault; he needed better material. They had all the right parts but squandered the opportunity, IMO (and I usually love Bryan Singer). Perhaps people will prefer this less Reeve-ish interpretation, though (trying not to be sad about that).

Monsters University (June 21) - Theater movie, though I am trying not to roll my eyes. I thought Pixar was generally above sequels (prequels, whatever), though most of their theatrical release sequels have been quite good (Toy Story 2, anyone?). Trying to keep an open mind. We quite like the original; hope they didn't go in for "too much of a good thing." Though how can you really have too much Billy Crystal?

The Lone Ranger (July 3) - Another case of trying to keep an open mind. I had very little hope for the original Pirates of the Caribbean film before it came out, and it turned out to be one of my most favorite movies. This one also has Johnny Depp and Gore Verbinski, so perhaps lightening will strike twice. We shall see. (Also Despicable Me 2 on July 3, but I didn't really like the first one, so probably won't see it.) Likely theater movie.

Turbo (July 17) - Okay, I can excuse myself for not having heard of Now You See Me. But how on earth is there an animated film I hadn't even heard of *at all* until I started doing research for this post? And it's a DreamWorks! Per IMDb: "A freak accident might just help an everyday garden snail achieve his biggest dream: winning the Indy 500." Um, okay. It's nearly 4 months away from release, so we'll play wait and see on this one. Hopefully it is more Kung Fu Panda, less Shrek (but unlikely). Likely theater movie.

Red 2 (July 19 (though I have also seen August 2)) - Another film that actually had its release date pulled up to summer. I thought the first one was disappointing, but the cast is so amazing, maybe there's hope for the second one? Probably won't see it in the theater unless it is just getting rave reviews, but will likely check it out at home.

Wolverine (July 26) - Ah, a buff Hugh Jackman for my birthday! What more could a girl ask for? Definitely a theater movie, if I can manage it.

300: Rise of an Empire (August 2) - Another one mentioned here simply due to a comment from my husband. "Shouldn't there be like a Titans sequel or 300 sequel or something?" Yep! LOL Oh, Hollywood, you're so predictable.

Percy Jackson: Sea of Monsters (August 16) - We thought the first one was pretty good; certainly better than expected. Hope the second one is good, too, but again, will probably have to wait until it leaves theaters for us to catch it. The first one is still a bit too intense for Luke, so no hurry to catch it in the theater. (And yes, I realize that the picture is a poster from the first movie, but I thought the triton would go okay with the name of the film for now, since there is only a single publicity still out for the movie, and no poster or banner or teaser for the new movie to be found anywhere!)

We thought the Thor sequel was in there (I had it mentally slotted in place of Man of Steel), but it's not slated until November 8. Ah well! That will wait until my winter movie preview.

In case you can't wait another 5 weeks to head to the theater, there is the 3D release of Jurassic Park on April 5 (SO wish L was ready to see it!) and 42 on April 12. Well, and the G.I. Joe sequel, if you're feeling desperate (though I do love Bruce Willis and Dwayne Johnson).
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  1. GAH!!! Can I please just quit my job and watch movies all the time???

    Nathan Fillion in Much Ado??? *faints* Is this the one they started filming at Joss's house? *googles* YUP! Oh, I just can't wait!!


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