Thursday, March 28, 2013

Hopping Along

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I saw the orthopedist today, and he said the three words I did not want to hear: "continue with crutches." I guess it's better than the one word I *most* did not want to hear (surgery), but I am not a happy camper. Basically, he is pleased with the general lack of swelling and minimal residual pain. However, given the residual pain and its location, he wants me to keep most weight off of it for another two weeks. I do have permission to put my toe down now and apply a little bit of weight, but not much, and certainly nothing that even vaguely resembles walking.

Apparently, high ankle sprains, particularly the medial ones, are notorious for being reinjured because of trying to walk on them too soon. If it's not fully healed and I re-injure it, then I not only go back to the beginning (in terms of healing and treatment), I'll actually be "set back" even further than the original injury, which means *way* more time on crutches than 4 weeks, and could potentially lead to surgery. Two more weeks on crutches now is definitely better than surgery!

He also wants to go ahead and start me on physical therapy so that I don't lose too much range of motion in my ankle. Ankles can stiffen up quickly, and if they do, getting range of motion back once it's lost is a much more difficult and painful process. We're not working on strengthening the ankle (yet), we're just working on keeping it flexible and ready for when it's time to walk on it again. I'll start that next Tuesday.

And just for added fun (because this whole ordeal hasn't been "fun" enough already), I've developed bursitis in my right hip. It feels like my whole right leg is being electrocuted from hip to knee if I move "wrong", like when trying to get out of a bed or car. Because it isn't like I need do those things multiple times a day or anything. ::snort:: It started about a week ago. He wanted to go ahead and give me a cortisone injection today, but I said no. It's been better the last 2-3 days; not sure if that's because it is getting better or because I've learned what *not* to do that aggravates it. Either way, he agreed to let me go for another two weeks, but if it is still bothering me at my next appointment, I'll need to go with the injection. Fun (not).

There is one small piece of good news: I've been upgraded to a laptop at work. The timing worked out perfectly; they finished imaging the laptop and transferring the data while I was at my appointment today. The laptop comes as part of some work developments that I haven't really discussed here yet (give me time!), but it means that I will be able to work from home once or twice a week, which will be most convenient on physical therapy days. Remember, as a contractor, I don't have paid vacation time or sick time. No work = no pay. Now, I won't have to lose half a day of work twice a week for PT. Whew!

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  1. UGH...sorry that you are still on crutches AND having to deal with the hip pain. Hooray for laptops, though!


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