Friday, March 15, 2013

That last step is a doozy

Okay, so, the Disney 2013 write up will have to wait a while. I'm going to try to make some notes so I don't forget the good stuff, but I can't be on the computer for extended periods of time right now. Why? Well, it's very simple.

I decided to fall down the stairs on Tuesday. Just two steps, actually (not two flights! just the bottom two steps), but that was enough to severely sprain my right ankle. As in, the doctor said I came *thisclose* to breaking it. "You sure did a number on it" were his words. Ripped off at least three ligaments on the outside of the ankle, and probably one or two on the inside. Yay (not).

We spent about 5 hours in the ER. Luke was a total trooper, even though he hadn't been to bed before 10 PM any night we were at Disney. He didn't get in bed Tuesday until about 11:30, bless his heart. He was so tired after school today (Friday) that he laid down to take a nap at after care instead of playing. :-(  But he has been so helpful and has really not complained very much about DH having to spend most of his time helping me for the last few days instead of playing with Luke. We'll pick up a reward for him sometime this weekend.

I saw the orthopedist yesterday. I'm in a boot instead of a cast, but I was also told not to put any weight on my foot for two weeks, which also includes no driving. (Thank goodness DH and I already carpool to work!) In case you didn't know, crutches suck!! And did I mention that I have stairs to both the front and back doors of my house. Fun (not). I'm only allowed to take off the boot to bathe and to ice the ankle. If I'm sitting or laying, it must be elevated, even when sleeping. He will reevaluate it in 2 weeks to see if I will then be allowed to start putting weight on it. He's guessing 3-5 weeks to heal, but I know that I don't heal very well or very quickly, generally speaking. I'm guessing more like 6-8 weeks. Yay (not). And my lower back is killing me from having my foot elevated at all times when I'm sitting or laying, and needless to say, my arms, elbows, and shoulders are not happy about the crutches. I'm wondering if the "cure" is going to do more long-term damage than the injury.

So, anyway, if I'm not around much for the next few weeks, that's why. Hope to see you again as soon as possible, hopefully with more Disney pictures.

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  1. Lots of (((hugs))) to you! Don't want to depress you, and of course your own medics are the ones to advise you BUT last August 4 I badly tore all the ligaments in my foot and was told it would take 5 months to heal properly ('If you take the support bandage off after 3 months...' said my chiropractor, ' will be a very big mistake.' He was right: I didn't dance until January and still find it aches after exercise. But on the good side I was able to drive all the time and walk a mile each way to the shops, using a stick at first and needing a rest when I got home. The only good advice I would urge is Don't try to rush the healing process cos it won't work!

  2. Oh my gosh!!! You poor thing. I suppose the only good thing to say is, "at least it didn't happen until AFTER Disney". Although, you could have gotten one of those sweet scooters and gone through the disabled entrance for all the rides. I hope your body exceeds expectations and heals well and quickly. We'll send up prayers for your healing!

  3. I will send all healing thoughts your way! Kudos to Luke and Steve for being the wonderful men they are and giving you plenty of time to rest and heal :)


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