Saturday, March 08, 2014

Pat C

We lost a friend and neighbor this week. The C Family lives just a few houses down the road from us. Pat was the Cub Scout leader of the den a year ahead of Luke. We would see Pat, his wife S, and their son L at least once a month (sometimes more) at scout things. Luke and L also go to school together, though they are in different grades. (L is only 3 months older than Luke, though with the birthday cut off, L is a grade ahead.) I can't say that we were especially close with them, but we did see them frequently, and we (the parents and the kids) liked to chat when we did have reason to be in the same place at the same time. In fact, we discussed getting together for dinner "sometime in March" at the last Pack Meeting. The C's are the kind of people you could always call if you needed help, and we genuinely enjoyed their company and their friendship. So hard to believe that Pat is now gone. I am absolutely crushed for both S and L.

The Cub Scout Pack made a good showing at the memorial today. We had at least 15 boys in uniform, plus various den leaders. I was so pleased to see that it made S and L smile to see the rows of scouts as they walked in. Pat loved scouts and genuinely enjoyed teaching the boys and doing microphone commentary for the various contests. He was also very involved in various neighborhood activities; the annual Halloween Costume Contest just will not be the same without his hosting (and his corny jokes). If you have any good thoughts and prayers to spare, please send them to the C Family.

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