Tuesday, July 27, 2004

The ABCs of Erin

I snitched this from someone's blog quite a while ago (Suz, I think) and got it about half done before saving it as a draft. I had completely forgotten until I saw it in Erica's blog. So here it is, a little more about me.

Act your age? Usually. Actually, I think I've finally grown into my age.  I've always been "wise beyond my years."
Born on what day of the week? Saturday
Chore you hate? Chores! LOL Um, dishes.
Dad's name? Mark
Essential makeup item? None! Rarely wear it.
Favorite actor? Oh man, just one? Ed Harris
Gold or silver? Gold
Hometown? Brunswick, GA (born in Riverdale, GA)
Instruments you play? piano, flute/piccolo, handbells
Job? none at the moment, besides parasitic host (i.e. mommy-to-be) ; occupation (when employed): Industrial Engineer
Kids? 4 of the feline variety (see sidebar), one of the human male variety on the way (due Oct 7)
Living arrangements? Married, single family home
Mom's name? Rita
Need? for this pregnancy to be over! LOL
Overnight hospital stays? Too many! Two sets of child ear tubes, knee surgery, gallbladder removal, plus a couple of nights spent in the ER with kidney stones (but not admitted); soon to be again after giving birth
Phobias? Bugs, particularly roaches/palmetto bugs
Quote you like? Serious: "We live in a universe, not a multiverse. Among other things, this means that science, engineering, the search for justice, the search for beauty, and the search for holiness are interrelated." Fun: "I am disinclined to acquiesce to your request."
Religious affiliation? Raised Baptist, currently practicing Methodist
Siblings? One younger brother, Jacob, whom I adore
Time you wake up? Between 9 and 10 (the only advantage to being unemployed)
Unique talent? None really, except the woven cording I can make
Veggie you like? Bleck! Um, butter beans cooked with hamhocks, or green beans
Worst habit? Clutter/pack rat syndrome
X-rays you've had? Again, too many. My nose after getting hit in the face with a line drive during T-ball, my chest to check for pneumonia (turned out to be whooping cough), my knee when I dislocated it, and tons for each kidney stone I've had (both traditional and CAT scans) ; plus standard dental x-rays
Yummy food you make? Chicken with Dried Beef, Annette's Macaroni and Cheese
Zodiac Sign? Leo

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