Monday, August 08, 2005

Cold front

Sorry I haven't been around. Combination of not much to say, and not really feeling like saying much even when I did. I'm just feeling rather frayed lately. Nothing in particular, nothing to worry about.

Except maybe the weather. I don't think it got out of the 70s yesterday. BRRR!! It's August, people. It's Hot-lanta. It's supposed to be blazing at this time. I'm not complaining mind you, though it's not like I benefit much from it either, seeing as I rarely leave the house (it's so sad). I'm just a little baffled. All week, it will be hovering right around 80. Unfortunately, it will also be raining most of that time as well, so I can't even be outside enjoying it. Just too much trouble to handle Luke in the rain. I even had to turn off the air conditioning today because I couldn't get warm enough in the house without resorting to sweatpants or something. Seeing as Luke was only wearing a onesie (while I was wearing capris), I thought it best to warm up the house a bit. His baby feet get cold enough playing as it is (takes after DH).

Speaking of whom, Luke turned 10 months old yesterday. My baby is in double-digit months! I know, I know, I can hear some of you now, "just wait until he's in double-digit years." Yeah, I can wait, thanks. DH turned 29 on Saturday. And what did he get from Luke and me? A Darth Tater. Glad we're such grown-ups. LOL No pics, though, since my digital camera died (hope to get a new one this week). Sorry this note is so rambly. Just wanted you to know I'm still here.
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