Wednesday, August 31, 2005


Yes, I'm sick again. Or, more accurately, still. I was getting better, I was really happy with my progress, and then *wham.* The same symptoms started returning. I wasn't feeling great even when I posted yesterday morning, but a slight "backslide" is not uncommon with this type of infection. (For the record, DH is mostly fine now, so his was probably just some kind of quick virus thing with coincidental timing.) Running a 100 degree fever by yesterday evening, however, was unacceptable. Congestion started coming back, and my ear started blocking up again. By this morning, I was just as sick as I was on Friday (though not as sick as Thursday), so back to the doctor I went.

Apparently, 95% of patients respond to the antibiotic I was on. I get to be the statistical anomaly. Joy. It's some kind of rebound effect where basically, the antibiotic started fighting (thus I got some better), and then the bacteria started fighting back. Mom says the new drug I'm on is a good one, so hopefully it will win this time. I've already scrapped plans to go see my parents this weekend. No word yet on whether they're going to "risk" coming up here and getting sick. I just have to be somewhat better by Friday. I have dinner plans with 16 folks, including one from Pennsylvania and one from Canada!

Currently feeling: "special"

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