Friday, August 26, 2005

Report from Jacob (via my mother)

Copied from this afternoon's short email update:

Jacob called - he is OK, hot and no power till next week. He is going to Orlando for 2 nights in A/C. I'll send more info later.

And the "more info" email:

Jacob decided to go to Orlando since he could get discounted hotel rates at Disney as a FLA resident. He said it was already miserably hot at 11:00 this morning. Plans are to stay 2 nights and head back Sunday evening. (I guess there are worse places to spend his 25th birthday!) He will call with his room number at the Disney Music Resort. He will have to be at work Monday morning whether he has power or not. I expect NOVA will be a priority for power restoration. He only has to drive 2 mi. to reach the Turnpike from the apartment, and the roads in Davie were not flooded like South Miami. That dip to the south that Katrina took really helped them out in Davie. Any *normal* hurricane and that would have been terribly bad news, but since this storm was distorted with the worst part of the storm being in the southeast quadrant instead of the northwest -- it was good to see it dip south. Jacob said the radio was saying that there were homes underwater in South Miami and that the zoo really took a bad hit. Katrina was forecasted to be a *rain event* but instead, turned out to be a major *wind event* for the zoo. Reports were saying that the zoo sustained more wind damage from Katrina than they did from Andrew. The 5 day forecast puts Atlanta square in the path by Monday morning.

Yeah, that's just what I wanted to hear. The last hurricane to come through this way happened in either late August or early September last year, when I was 9 months pregnant, and we lost power for 3 days. Thank goodness we caught my grandmother (who lives an hour away) before she went out of town! She let us stay at her place until we had power restored. I'm already having a repeat of being sick this year; I'd really rather not repeat the hurricane as well, particularly when I'm already sick, and my ear is getting worse, not better.

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