Sunday, February 25, 2007

Not my intended evening

I'd like to thank the person who invented the DVR for allowing me to see all of the Academy Awards tonight, despite having to get up multiple times and check on my son....

We think Luke has been having nightmares tonight. This is the second time he has woken up crying and very agitated. He is shaking when we enter the room, and he keeps looking at the wall at the foot of his bed like he is afraid of it (there's nothing on it, not even a picture). This is absolutely not normal behavior for him. Usually he mostly sleeps through the night, or if not, he very easily entertains himself or puts himself back to sleep. It is heartbreaking to see him so upset and to not really be able to comfort him. He went back down pretty easily the first time, but not so much this time. DH is upstairs with him right now, reading him a book and rocking him, trying to soothe him enough to go back to bed. I feel really bad for him! I know what it is like to have dreams like that. I had two in one night a couple of nights ago (they were caffiene related for me, but I *had* to take the Excedrine or my head would have split open). They are very disorienting, and it is very hard to get back to sleep afterwards. I will admit that I was very grateful DH was there to comfort me. I just hope this doesn't become a nightly thing because he now realizes we will come and check on him if he gets upset. But let's not invent problems that don't exist. Right now, we still have to get him back in bed.

And the nominees are: DH for Best Daddy Comforter

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