Tuesday, February 27, 2007

Improving with age

Or so says my eye doctor. It had been four years since I had been to the eye doctor, since the last time I was due I was pregnant. I had also had the same frames for six years (just changed the lenses last time). So, I finally decided it was time to go, especially when I was having trouble reading signs. Looks like I'm improving with age! Turns out that my eyes actually got better. I couldn't see because the lenses I had were too strong! How bizarre. Unfortunately for our bank account, I have my father's skin issues (though not quite as severely as he does), so I have to get the supremo expensive titanium frames (or the plastic ones, which I just do not like, and yes, I did try some). I like them, though. They're taking a little getting used to, since the lenses are so much smaller than my old ones. They are not at all shaped the way I usually like my glasses, and they are much more "hip" than I usually go for. Wanna see? (And please forgive my hair in the second picture!) Hey, I'm wearing red in both pictures (different shirts, though). I didn't notice that until now.

The old me:

And the new me:

Currently feeling: seeing well


  1. I really like them, Erin!

  2. Nice new glasses!

  3. Nice glasses! I like the shape of the new one better. And congratulations on reducing your number! I didn't know that happens!


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