Saturday, April 28, 2007


For the past few days, Luke has insisted on sitting on the potty. He just seemed to want to play, but that's fine. The fact that he is showing *any* interest is a step in the right direction. Well today, he asked to be on the potty three times, and twice he actually peed! Progress? Or coincidence? We shall see.

Currently feeling: surprised


  1. I hope it all comes together for you. Good luck.

    Marcus is perfectly capable of using the potty, but avoids it whenever possible and refuses to admit/anticipate when he needs to go.


    Thank you so much for the card for Marcus. It arrived on Saturday and he absolutely LOVED it. He immediately abandoned the book he was reading to read "his book". It was so lovely to get it. Thanks.

  2. That's wonderful! Ofcourse it's progress. I hope it works out for you!


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