Sunday, April 29, 2007

Waycross fires

I haven't talked about it here, really, but the south Georgia wildfires that are currently making national news are very near where my grandfather and my MIL live. Schools in Ware County have been closed more days than not since they started, especially after the swamp caught on fire (peat moss fires are notoriously smokey). So far, neither of them have had to evacuate (the fire is still a fair way south of them), though MIL teaches school, so it will affect her work schedule. I don't know how many days they will have to make up. Even one county over, where my father teaches, has been closed a few days here and there. This news story is saying it is about 70% contained. If we could just get a little rain! So, if you have any rainy thoughts to send, they could sure use them.

Currently feeling: wishing for the wet stuff

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  1. I heard about the fires and was wondering where you guys are in GA. I'm sending rainy thoughts their way.


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