Tuesday, April 17, 2007

Officially unstitched

This is going to be more of a bullet-type post than a real one. Sorry. Just been busy lately, and unusually tired. (Shalini, I haven't forgotten you! I'll try to email you before the end of the week.) Some things will be more fully expounded upon later, but these are the major events of late.
  • Luke officially got his stitches out today. The doctor seems pleased with his healing. He healed so well, in fact, that it scabbed completely over one of the stitches and she had to break it open to dig out the stitch. Yes, he cried this time, and I can't blame him. But only at the very end when she was really poking around in there. Still need to keep a band-aid on it for a week or so (she was impressed that I brought my own, and she had never seen a fingertip bandage before).
  • Parents were here this weekend. Won't see them again for six weeks. Not sure if we or they are more upset by this. But we did try a new recipe that was way yummy and embarrassingly simple: Cheesecake Chocolate Chip Cookie Cups! Will post full recipe with the April round-up. And congratulations to my parents on their weight loss! They've lost a total of 60+ pounds between the two of them. Since Christmas!
  • I had a great visit with Annette Sunday and Monday. She finally got to meet Luke. We also went to the Titanic exhibit here in town. I had been to this same exhibit already, but that was (mumble, mumble) 11 years ago, so they had all kinds of new stuff. Including "The Big Piece", which is truly breathtaking. I could have stood in that room looking at it for hours. More on this topic later, I promise. Also had lunch at Mary Mac's and ice cream at Zesto's. Yum!!
  • Seems like there were some other things, but they are escaping me at the moment. I'm just so behind right now, on work, emails, housework, blogs, scrapping, everything. I'm supposed to be job hunting, I'm supposed to be planning a baby shower, I have two other baby gifts that are terribly overdue and need to be mailed, I have cards that I did actually address last night but did not make it to the post office today (didn't want to wait in the tax day lines; a few are airmail). Having had three visits to the pediatrician's office in the last two weeks has not been good for my schedule, and we still have another scheduled doctor visit this month (speech evaluation).

    I just need to sleep for a couple of days! I'm sure that would help tremendously.
    Currently feeling: rather fatigued
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    1. Glad to know Luke has healed well..Poor Luke!!


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