Monday, April 30, 2007

The most depressing day ever

I'm never going to find a job. Hours and hours of looking today, and nothing looks even vaguely acceptable. I've been reduced to tears more than once already. And please, don't fill the comment section with "you'll find one" type comments, because you just don't know that. I know too many people with far more to offer who have been looking for far too long to have any kind of faith in that. And after crunching the numbers this weekend, we are short $700 a month with all of our current bills on DH's salary alone. Every bit of that $700 (plus some) is accounted for in the form of Luke's daycare tuition, but it would totally break my heart to pull him out. He loves it so much, and I would totally lose my mind.

Currently feeling: trying not to be depressed


  1. {{{{{hug}}}}}

    I know how you feel. I keep getting chances at contract work - nothing permanent - but I can't take it because I need the benefits, and I need something longer than "2 months, maybe 3" - can't count on that stuff in my situation.

    And you know, I *am* going to say "you'll find something" because I know you will. Everyone I've said it to while I've been looking has found something perfectly wonderful (except me), so you can have my job hunting luck for now... you sound like you need it far more than I.

  2. There are no two ways about it - job hunting sucks! =( I hope you find something soon.


  3. This too shall pass...

    We're all praying for you.



  4. One day at a time, Erin. You never know what tomorrow might bring.

    As for the expenses, is there a way of making L part time? Our daycare has the option of 3 days a week for considerably less money. If you have that option, you might want to do that sooner than August, and build up some savings.

    Job hunting sucks but there is no way around it. {{Hugs}}

  5. ((Erin))

    Job hunting sucks! I know how scary it can be feeling you need to find that job and none seems to happen for you. Keeping you in my thoughts and prayers. Keep your chin up and try to enjoy your extra time with Luke - at least there is that silver lining.

  6. I won't say what you said I shouldn't but I am sending a big cyber hug to you.

  7. Nothing but hugs, Erin :(


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