Monday, May 14, 2007

Big boy pants

Given the recent signs both at home and at daycare (per his teacher), we have graduated to pull-ups. Well, during the day at least. Still diapers at night. He still goes in the pull-up instead of the potty more often than not, but I thought it might help him, especially at daycare. We'll see. Maybe we can use them as leverage if need be (no pull-ups if you can't use the potty), but I'm not ready to push him that hard yet. We'll stick with encouragement and praise as long as we possibly can.

At the moment, we're just asking him frequently if he needs to go. Sometimes yes, sometimes no. He seems more aware and/or willing in the afternoon than in the morning, which I find odd. And I'm really tired of asking every 30-60 minutes "do you need to pee-pee? what about poo-poo?" That is going to get very old very fast, but again, not much to be done about it.

Currently feeling: tired of leaks

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  1. We started out like this as well. We switch between diapers and pullups at night, and he's in pullups at the daycare. Pullups are easier to pull down (but check if they have poo-poo! LOL) Other than that, they're the same as diapers. They can Hold!
    We did the same as you, and didn't push the issue. We asked him a lot and then he just started telling us without even asking (most of the times).
    Oh, and once you get confident enough to keep him without diapers/pullups, get the Training Pants. I found them at Target after we'd spoiled a few PJ bottoms. Oops. They work beautifully.


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